Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Kung Fu Movie Outing

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Yesterday night went and watch a kungfu movie called Ip Man (pronounced "Yip Mun" in Canto, and not I.P Man ;) ). Maybe I've not watch Hong Kong film in a cinema for a long time or maybe, I've always seldom watch kungfu movie, but I must say that Ip Man is really good! Two thumbs up for this movie! A must-watch especially for Chinese people. It is something that we should be proud of =)

Ip Man (played by Donnie Yen) was actually a true story about the life of a grandmaster of Wing Chun during the days of the Japanese Occupation in China, before he fled to Hong Kong with his family after offending the Japanese army there and thus, opening up his own school. He is truly a well respected man in his hometown and a loving husband and father :)

Donnie Yen with his impressive performance

The Wing Chun style kung fu somehow did put us Chinese in a proud stand. Even the Japanese karate can’t beat it. I was also impressed by the fast paced move of every action. Totally awesome!

Ip Man, with one of his student Bruce Lee, in real life.

Heard there's even a sequel to this movie. Hehe can't wait for its released :)

After the movie, went and played pool at Melaka Raya. My second time playing since two years ago during Alpha XD. So can imagine how karat my skills are now lolx. But I had fun :) Wouldn't mind playing again despite losing almost every game. Kaka.

Ps. Btw, HaPpy New YeAr 2009 !!! :)))

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Decorations and Friends

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My 3 crazeee girl friends has come all the way from jb to visit me and ye pin at Malacca at last yesterday :) So happy to see them!

these 3 devils angels: Jing Maine Wanli :)

We could only bring them out at night because during the day we're busy with classes and presentation and assignment. Went out with Jo, Tze Chuen and his housemates too as the car rent guy FFK us last minute. Haiz. So after picking them up from DP, we brought them to eat Satay Celup, one of Malacca's famous food.

satay celup. Yummy!

After eating, we brought them to Portugeese Settlement to look at Christmas lights. Met up with Aaron there. This is my third time coming here to look at x'mas lights but my first time taking pictures of it. Though it looks almost the same every year, but looking at it always gives me a nice Christmas mood feeling. Haha.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

X'mas is Coming :)

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Suddenly have the mood to design something for Christmas, since I'm quite free for now :) Actually planned to design a x'mas theme header for my blog but this current template of mine can't support blog header =.='' Hm.

I love Christmas :D The season of giving and also receiving pressies :p. Love to see the x'mas decorations in shopping malls. And listen to x'mas songs. But I've not done my Christmas shopping yet. Don't have the time to go out shopping and Christmas is just five days away. Haiz. Wonder if I can buy those presents in time :-/

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pain in the a**

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My housemates are such a pain in the a**. Not all of course, but there are SOME who are uncivilized beyond words. I shall not mention what are the many things they have done openly and also behind our backs which we found out and pissed us off, not just once but many times . Just a few words to describe them :
sneaky selfish dirty lazy irresponsible dishonest. Have to tolerate with them for another semester!

Damn =.=

Friday, December 12, 2008

Night Out

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Recently, midterms, assignments and presentations are seriously stressing me out. So after ERP exam yesterday, went out for a midnight movie at Dataran just to chill out and release stressss. Planned to watch Twilight bacause I'm very curious to know why almost every girl I know are crazy over a vampire called Edward Cullen. Aih but sadly the latest available time is only until 7pm. So we watched this.

Two reasons why: 1. I love watching movies with great special effects in cinema. 2. Keanu Reeves!! <3

Overall the movie is ok la. Summary, alien takes human form, comes down to earth to warn humans about the world is gonna be destroyed, but realizes his mistake when he sees humans are not so bad after all, then sacrifice himself to save the human race. weee.

posing for me camera XD

While walking back to the car, I saw these 2 very adorable kittens sitting at the steps in front of Dataran and couldn't resist taking a pic of them XD.


PS. Anyway here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to my dear sis!! =D
yes I know we don't look alike.

Monday, December 8, 2008


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Hi, I'm Max Phuan! :)

Went to KL for the weekend to sit for JLPT at UPM and at the same time stayed at Jo's house in Klang. Jo's parents are very kind to let me stay over at their house these few days. Thanks alot mr and mrs Phuan :)

On Saturday, followed Jo and her dad to an education fair at PWTC cause she wants to enquire about furthering her studies in Japan. Not wanting to be left home alone, I tagged along with them xD

Looking at the directory first is a smart thing to do

people mountain people sea (direct translation from chinese proverb)

The japan embassy booth. Kinda sad looking.

A local private university double-storey booth.
Very attractive . lolx.

On Sunday, Jo's parents fetched us to UPM to sit for the JLPT exam. Different levels will be held at different venues. Since I'm sitting for level four this year, my exam was held at the engineering faculty and Jo's level 2 exam was held at the medicine faculty.

The level four students

studying and admiring the scenery

You can see kids and adults, malaysians and ang mohs, students and housewives, mothers and daughters, all sitting for the same exam.

This is my first time sitting for the exam and I think I can more or less expect to fail the paper already. Haha. Thanks to my lack-of-discipline self-studying a few days before the exam and my hectic university schedule during this short sem. Oh well.. it's a good experience anyway :)

But what impress me about UPM the most is their campus is damn H-U-G-E. To travel IN the campus, it is compulsory to have a car or motorcycle, or you will die walking inside. The distance is too great between each faculty. To travel from engineering to medicine faculty, the distance is at least 10 km. They also have new faculty buildings, 5 football fields, a huge mosque, a hindu temple, a chinese cemetery O.O, Highways o.O, huge gardens and nice lakes , all in the campus itself! All these made me realize how pathetic small MMU Melaka campus is. and how much it sucks compared to other uni Kns.

Anyways before I end this post I would like to take this opportunity to wish one of my best buddy, Maine

Happy 20th Birthday !!!
Stay Pretty..Hehe ^^

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gossip Girl!

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I have watched finish Gossip Girl S01 at last! took around two months to finish watching the whole season, since sem break =X . No it's not that the drama is boring or anything, in fact I heart GG ^^, but at the same time I was watching 1 anime and 1 jap drama so that is why it took me so long to finish it. lolx .

So now I'm in Season 2. Yay. But I'm stuck at ep04 =( coz someone won't give me the rest of it unless I finish my assignment. Mean :(

my favorite characters in this drama: Blair and Chuck Bass !! :) they look so cute together. hehe. Another favorite couple is Serena and Dan :) I also enjoy looking at the different sense of fashion in each of them, especially Blair and Serena. It certainly reflects their personalities, the way they dress. I likey :)

And I kinda crazy bout Chuck Bass now. Not the looks. But he's an interesting guy and love the way he talks. Got style wei XD

You know you love me
Gossip Girl


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