Saturday, March 28, 2009


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" Serves you right for studying last minute."

Does uploading photos to your Facebook more important than me needing the computer to study for my midterm exam?

Speechless ..~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Su's Advance Birthday Celebration

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Yesterday went and celebrate Su's advance 21st birthday. We could not celebrate for him on the actual day because our Resource midterm falls on the same day as his bday. So we drove up to Cyber to meet up Su and K5. Surprisingly, Melissa and her room mate, Sim Ying joined us too :) . Melissa was our ex-foundation group mate and Sim Ying was our foundation course mate who was from a different group. Both are studying at Cyber now lol. It was nice meeting up with them again after so long :)

So we went and eat at Manhattan Fish Market at The Curve. It was my first time at The Curve, so please forgive me for my jakun-ness here =.=''.

The Fish Market

This is Su, the advance bday boy.

And this is Su's dish.
He looks darn happy coz got lenglui cooking it for him. xD

My fish and chips. Ordered the wrong type of fish wtf.
Note to self: do not order the alaskan pollock fish again

After dinner, we went and walked around. It was very happening that night because of weekend, so there was a sort of pasar malam going on at the open air area. Another reason was because there was a football match going on between MU and Liverpool that night, so a lot of people were watching football at the big screen.

variety of stalls

football fever

bubbly Sim Ying is an avid photographer too xD

Later we played pool at the entertainment area. Six of us played using one table xD. Su, Jo and I vs. Sam, K5 and Sim Ying. Sadly, the latter group won, but we were so close in beating them as we left the last black ball to shoot. And my pool skills still sucks argh :(

Jo aiming to shoot :)

Not forgetting some group pictures before we went back yo :)

It was an eventful and interesting night to be remembered xD

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charm Bracelets

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(very pretty Charm bracelet from Esprit. but freaking exp :(
My latest craze now is
Charm Bracelet !! =D

Even ordered from online and it will arrive tomorrow! =)

But I feel that making my own charm bracelet is even better than buying from elsewhere
Firstly, you can customized the bracelet in whichever way you want
and secondly, it definitely much cheaper and you can save cost!
Besides that, it is FUN! Cause I have always love art and craft lol.
So Jo and I planned to start a mini project of making charm bracelets :)
But first, we have to learn to make them of course
We have done some research on the materials and tools needed
So hopefully this mini project of ours will be a success
Then we can make a business out of this lol xD
Will post up pics here when it is done :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


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on what guys can do these days to get what they want
A close friend of mine is forced to literally run all the way the a guy's house
at 2 a.m in the morning
after the guy told her he's sick
but when she reached there
he was oh-so-perfectly fine!!
I don't know why I am this mad and Za Dao
maybe it's because I hate guys like this
But anyways
I know I should not interfere in their affairs
as long as she doesn't mind then all is well
right? =)

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