Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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I have realized something important today..
Am experiencing a genuine feeling which I have not felt for in a long time..
And this feeling makes me feel that I want to appreciate and cherish more in whatever I have now.


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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Piece of Crap..!

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Arrogant good-for-nothing piece of crap does not deserve to live in this beautiful world.
Law is NOT everything ok wtf??

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OC Interview

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Around 1.30pm today, Jo message me on msn, saying OC (Orientation Committee ) interview results are out. The first thought which came across my mind was " Ok, they didnt message me, means I really didnt get through after all. Kinda expected it la." She told me the results were out on the src blog. So I just went ahead to see its bulletin board out of curiousity anyway.

Here's what it says:

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and a very good day to all,

We are proud to announce the list of successful candidates of Orientation Committee session 2008. The Human Resource Division of the Orientation Committee finally had discussed and revised to choose only 97 candidates from 180 applicants that meet our selection criteria and standard to ensure that we can give the best performance and experience to our freshies.

We would like to congratulate all those who have been selected as part of the Orientation Committee 2008 family members. We are looking forward to work with all of you in order to make this year's Orientation Programmme a huge success.

For further information,feel free to meet or contact us as detail below :-

Azril Hanafi (013 530 9331)
Puvaneswaran (017 504 9493)
Wong Teck Chee (012 313 5984)

Once again, congratulations to all of you and welcome aboard!


Azril Hanafi b Abdullah Sharwani
Human Resource Division
Orientation Committee 2008


I was VERY surprised when i saw this wei!

I got through after all~!!!! XD lol.

I thought I will fail the interview because I was nervous during the session and the other candidates which went in with me were all so much better in answering the interviewers' questions then me. Especially the last killer situational question, a group discussion among four of us, which I do not get the chance to speak out. lol. Thank God for letting me pass this interview =D

ps. congrats to all my friends who pass this interview as well, Jo Anne, Kei Fai and Sam~! ^^

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Monday, April 21, 2008


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A song which i got addicted to recently:

How Did I Fall In Love With You
Backstreet Boys

Remember when
we never needed each other
The best of friends like
Sister and Brother
We understood, we'd never be,
Those days are gone, and I want so much
The night is long and I need your touch
Don't know what to say
I never meant to feel this way
Don't want to be
Alone tonight
What can I do, to make u mine
Falling so hard so fast this time
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?
I hear your voice
And I start to tremble
Brings back the child that, I resemble
I cannot pretend, that we can still be friends
Oh I want to say this right
And it has to be tonight
Just need you to know, oh yeah
I don't want to live this life
I don't want to say goodbye
With you I wanna spend
The rest of my life
Everything's changed, we never knew
How did I fall
in love
with you?

ps.special thanks to Ye Pin who gave me this song~! ^^

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


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Today is Malacca Historical Day, a public holiday for people living in Malacca. Initially didnt really have any plans, except: wake up, passup assignment, eat, sleep. But at the very last minute make some arrangement with Tze Chuen, coz he promised belanja me eat sushi~!!! =D (for d ipod shuffle lol)

So around 6 something pm, he came to fetch me and we head to Jusco for Sushi King. The place was packed when we were there, so we went to have a walk at Melaka Mall first to visit the newly opened Parkson. The environment quite nice there, coz it's new ma lol.

Then we head to MBO to see what movies were showing that time. That was when I noticed Death Note was still on!! Omg, really want to watch that movie since long ago but so busy with exams and event that I cant find the time to do so.

So we bought the tickets for the night show. He was nice enough to accompany me, though he watched it 2 times edi :)

L is so cute!! XD
Later, we head back to Sushi King for dinner (met Siraj there too). After dinner, went back to Melaka Mall again. Bump into Kang Yong and friends there. Hmm, Malacca is really small huh? lol.

Then when the time come, we bought some drinks and popcorn and head into the cinema for movie. Really enjoyed the show, love how L type, sit and walk lol! His actions are really funny which can keep the whole cinema laughing throughout the movie. And the storyline's kinda touching also. So yea, two thumbs up for it!
Ps. Would like to take this opportunity to thank Tze Chuen for the lovely dinner, water, popcorn, and accompanying me though watching the movie for the 3rd time edi XD. Thanks alot ya! =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fruit Adultery XDDD

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Just found this from deviantART . Find that this is so cuteeeee~!! =DDDD. Very creative laa, using fruits to potray the bad side of human nature XD.
ps. added the words myself juz incase some ppl dun understand wat it means :).

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How To Write a Business Plan

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** this post is just purely to relieved stress.

The format of writing a business plan:

A. Table of Contents

B. Executive Summary - 2-3 Pages

C. Background .
1. Company Description - past and present
2. Distinctive Skills, Uniqueness, Protection

D. Market Analysis .
1. Industry Description, Scope and
2. Major Customer ProfileList
3. Problems, Obstacles and
4. Market Research .
5. Competition - Strengths and

E. Market Strategy .
1. Specific growth strategy for at least 3-5 years
2. Distribution system
3. Advertising - Institutional and Product Specific
4. Specific Sales Strategies
5. Predominant Sales Techniques.

F. Product and/or Services .
1. Benefits .
2. Present Stage
3. Life Cycle
4. Intellectual Property .

G. Operations Operational
1. Key Personnel
2. Production and/or service delivery
3. Supplies needed
4. Legal Structure
5. Stockholders, Board of Directors
6. Organization Chart
7. Future Human Resource Requirements

H. Financial - 5-10 pages
1. Funding Requirements 2. Use of Funds
3. Pay-out to investors
4. Past and Present Financials
5. Future Projections
6. Explanation and documentation or source of assumptions in projections

I. Appendices - usually 20-30 additional pages maximum
1. Key Managers Resumes
2. Pictures
3. Professional Reference (Letters of recommendation)

4. Published information
5. Contracts and Agreements

6. Media, Articles

It looks simple enough(I think), but it's There's tons of research involved and graphs to draw etc.

Currently feeling stressed up over Ethics Assignment. The deadline is tomorrow, and yet I only manage to complete 5% of it. Seriously OMG wei. I manage to persuade my tutor to extend the deadline to monday due to my involvement in events, without deducting my marks, and yet I still cant manage to complete it. Maybe a huge part of the problem is I dunno how to write a business plan!!! >.<

Because I'm doing individual, I'm required to write a minimum of 20 pages of business plan. 20!!! O.O What the *toot*!!


Looks like have to burnt midnight oil again tonight.

Back to assignment *long sigh*

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st Post :)

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Finally..! I've found time to create a new blog after my previous blog(s) died from negligence due to either I'm too lazy to update or too busy with exams/ assignments/ reading other peoples' blogs. Yea, excuses laa =P ( am I considered a slacker here? hmm..). But frankly, I've been motivated by my friends' sudden semangat to blog, so here I am, entering into the world of blogging :D lol.

I've no idea how to start my 1st post, so I guess I'll just update what is happening in my life here :)

Firstly, my latest event, Career and Entrepreneurship Fair 2008 has just ended on Thursday.

usherers: Ting, Pui San, Ivy, Jo Anne

Overall, I would say I had fun being a committee for this event, because at first I thought I'll be bored to death (serious event u know..dun play play).The most exciting part has to be Lucky Draw of course. Though i'm from the publicity division(which i did not help out much besides distributing coupons to friends n classmates ==''), I also help out at opening ceremony division ( being the usherer for VIP) and receptionist for PR division. oh, n I forgot to mention usherer for lucky draw too ==''(yea, standing infront like an idiot giving out prizes). But I had to admit all these are great experiences for me and I get to know more people from here plus getting freebies from different company booths :D. People that I dun really know well or talk much last time,because of this event, I get to know them better. In the future, I really should participate more in events like this :). (upcoming is OC .. that is if i get through the interview)

Other then event, I'm busy because of midterm too of course. Totally screwed Data Struct coz didnt study at all ==. Now rushing for Ethics assignment like crazy, which to be hand in by mon.

ps. something happen which have been confusing me lately. Sometimes, I'm just plain blur to matters like this and do not know how to react to situations @_@
pss. cant wait for committee's lucky draw. 2 ipod nano 8gb to be won wei~!! :D

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