Friday, May 30, 2008

JB Gathering

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It's that time again :)

Gathering with my girlfriends back at JB~! =DDD

As usual our gathering is at City Square, at our usual hangout place for lunch, Vivo Pizza. Miss them sooOoo much! Havent seen them for a few months and all of them certainly become much prettier since I last saw them :)

(L-R) Wai Xin, Maine, me, Jing, Ye Pin, Wanli :)

Wai Xin, me, Jing :)

3 of us..hehe

2 cute gals XD

Maine and I =D

Pretty gals :)

at the toilet..jing look so cute here! XD

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Machine Madness

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My last and final paper for my Beta 3rd sem is tomorrow!!


Its The Killer subject -> TMA 1271 Introduction to Machine Architecture

I'm officially dead meat!!!!!!

I do not understand why IT students need to learn this freaking stupid subject and make our life more freaking miserable. Plus it is 4 credit hour! This subject is so bloody tough and it seems that a lot of people fail especially in their Finals (according to seniors who already took this subject). So, we have to rely on our coursework just to pass this subject. Holy shit.

Wish I can just and to the person in charge of putting this fucking subject in our study plan.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here In My Home

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Great song by various Malaysian artistes of different races, religions, languages etc. Meaningful! =)

ps. 4 down, 2 more to go til Merdeka!! =DD

Monday, May 12, 2008


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I guess I've still got alot more to learn on how to built good relationships and also learn some anger management techniques. Relationships are very fragile and I do not want to lose someone important to me before I regret.


I'm sorry I've been treating you like this lately..
Just couldn't control my emotions well these days..
Just wanna say I miss you too

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day :)

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Happy Mother's Day to all mums~!!!

my mum and bro

And Happy Mother's Day to my dearest Mum!! ^^. Thanks for being such a great mum to us. You're really one of the strongest, kindest woman I know and I admire you for that. Love you always!! *Hugs*


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This is why students hate exams...especially Finals.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Labour Day

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Went to MP and DP on labour day to relieved stress before finals XD.
Head to Sibaraku for late lunch.
then just walk around MP for awhile before proceeding to DP.
at the same time visited the newly opened Carrefour next to DP
it is so freaking small and there are not much shops yet
anyways, I hate the design of the building coz it reminds me of a mosque
I really thought it is a government state building or what when I first saw it
mana tau is a shopping complex ==||
then decided to go to Nadeje Patisserie at DP to try out their famous japanese layer cake!!
I would give 5 stars for their cake ^^

yummy~!! ^^

When you put it inside your mouth, immediately, you can feel the thousand layers texture..

The cake is called Mille Crepe.
Crepe, according to Word Web, it means small and very thin pancake.
it is even more expensive than Secret Recipe’s (and much nicer)
wont feel jelak after eating alot lol
. This cake’s origin is Japan. How it ended up in Malaysia, I have freaking no idea.
The environment of the cafe is also very nice and relaxing..very high-class lol.
Later had dinner at a HK restaurant.
Decided to have a walk outside DP after full meal.
There seem to be a modified-car exhibition going on , so decided to have a look.
Took some photos of the cars ^^


whoa..a TV behind the car wei..

lol nice stereo

pink Hello Kitty car XD

ok, tats all for now.
Finals approaching and I've not touch my notes yet!
Have to settle Data Struct Assignment and labtest fast before start studying! >_<

ps. blogging relieves stress!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ye Pin ! ^^

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Happy 19th Birthday to my dear friend Ye Pin @ Joyce~!!
Stay pretty and sweet ya gal! ^^
And hope you'll find your happiness SOON lol! *winks*
Luv ya !!


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