Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Let the Dogs Out? Woof woof~!

It was a gathering of these cute adorable dogs yesterday night :)

Momoe, the miniature schnauzer. my fav :p

Rusky, the silky terrier. Love his bunny ears xD

and Ginny, a really tiny and sweet mongrel who sleeps a lot like a pig lolx

It was really funny seeing these 3 dogs together. Poor Momoe kept being harassed by hamsap Rusky, who gets so excited and kept sniffing her ==|| Males...

And Ginny the little pig really sleeps alot, even for a puppy.

She can sleep at anytime...

Rusky: Why does she keep sticking to me..?

And anywhere..

with her head hanging out from the edge of the table O.O!!
amazing.. salute this puppy lolx

Dogs are really lovable, intelligent creatures, which I cannot help but to fall in love with them :)

Picture of the Day:

Awwww... :D

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